[theora] Many improvements and a few problems

j at v2v.cc j at v2v.cc
Sat Sep 19 08:37:33 PDT 2009

> 2) Latest versions produce different OGG streams which challenge some 
> players and splitters. I think the change has been somewhere between the 
> stable ffmpeg2theora (march 2009) and this summers builds:
> .OGV produced now are not recognized by MPC-HC's internal OGG splitter, 
> which worked well for all files previously. If Haali splitter is 
> installed, it can handle most files, but in some of them duration is 
> incorrectly detected and the stop after a few seconds.
> Has something changed in the OGG stream or in libogg or something?

can you try if it works with out use ffmpeg2theora --no-skeleton
it might be that mpc-hcs internal splitter can not deal with skeleton
streams, if so, it should be fixed, please point the mpc-hc developers
at http://wiki.xiph.org/Ogg_Skeleton


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