[theora] Many improvements and a few problems

Alvaro Segura alvaro.segura at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 08:28:57 PDT 2009

ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com escribió:
>> .OGV produced now are not recognized by MPC-HC's internal OGG splitter,
>> which worked well for all files previously. If Haali splitter is
>> installed, it can handle most files, but in some of them duration is
>> incorrectly detected and the stop after a few seconds.
>> Has something changed in the OGG stream or in libogg or something?
> Nothing has changed in the Ogg bitstream or the Theora format.
> However, the new encoders make use of more freedom allowed by the
> format, so code that just handled the subset used by previous versions
> of the libtheora encoder might be confused by newer streams.
> This should not affect duration determination though, as the container
> layer (which you get time from) hasn't changed, but MPC-HC might have
> custom code that decodes at the same time.
> (I assume that by splitter, you mean demuxer ?)
Yes, in the Windows DirectShow world, the word splitter is often used 
for a demuxer.

It must be then a problem in the player, not in the streams. I already 
filed a bug report in MPH-HC.


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