[theora] Is there something like qt-faststart for theora?

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Sun Sep 6 05:31:23 PDT 2009

Chris Double wrote:

> 1) Add the 'autobuffer' attribute. This will continue downloading the
> video so it is less likely that it will need to buffer by the time the
> user hits play.

Thank you. That made it much better.
I take it that's not a good idea for large videos unless the only reason 
to visit the page is to see the video.

> I'm assuming you're using Safari or Chrome for testing h.264? I'm not
> sure if they support 'autobuffer' so may have the behaviour of
> autobuffer being on.

I was using the fallback flash player for the mp4 (Firefox 2 and Opera).
It doesn't wait like the firefox built in support does. But since all my 
videos will be small, I'll just autobuffer them, that works.

Thank you.

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