[theora] cortado releases out-of-date ?

Sergey Kurdakov sergey.forum at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 23:58:10 PDT 2009


as we speak on Cortado, and it is happened it is now supported by xiph,

then one feature request.

one use which might be very popular is to embed video into blog posts.
I have livejournal account and as it lacks javascript support for
posts ( so no mv_embed )  I use there something like


<video src="http://people.mozilla.org/~blizzard/videos/theora-1.0-vs-1.1/fx35_overview-1.1-v-7.ogv"

<lj-embed id="22">
<applet code="com.fluendo.player.Cortado.class"
archive="http://theora.org/cortado.jar" width="512" height="288">
    <param name="url"

        <param name="local" value="false" />
        <param name="video" value="true" />
        <param name="audio" value="true" />
        <param name="bufferSize" value="4096" />
        <param name="bufferHigh" value="25" />
        <param name="bufferLow" value="5" />



in FireFox and Chrome it plays after I press play ( which is correct
for blog use )
but for IE  Cortado autostarts . It lacks capability to set 'paused'
mode as a param.

IE will gain HTML5 support but for some time the only use in blogs
seems with autoplay, which is not desirable

Could it be addressed? As for many blog users - it is easier to post
ogv file somewhere than to upload to Youtube (10 min limited ) and
show to friends, and thus can serve as a way to promote Theora?


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