[theora] Proprietary by open source

Tom Sparks tom_a_sparks at yahoo.com.au
Mon Nov 30 23:10:59 PST 2009

--- On Tue, 1/12/09, Benjamin M. Schwartz <bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
> > why cant it play on my ipod/PMP?
> Your iPod cannot play Theora because Apple did not include
> support for
> Theora in your iPod's software.  Unless you
> "jailbreak" the iPod so that
> you can modify the system software, this will continue to
> be the case.
> Similar logic applies to most PMPs by other
> manufacturers.  The exceptions
> are devices like the Archos 5 IMT that allow the user to
> install whatever
> software they like.
I dont have a ipod
> > I am expecting to get you must be using some
> proprietary format?
> Could you rephrase the question?  Theora is a video
> format, and anyone is
> free to use it.
most be people that have Ipods/PMPs have been brainwashed into thinking mpeg (xvid/dvix/mpeg-4/mp3/etc) files are free
so why would they download a theora video file?

PS: i use theora all the time

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