[theora] ffmpeg2theora and VOB files

Martin Korytár mar_kor at klikni.cz
Tue Nov 17 13:44:51 PST 2009

rastersoft napsal(a):
> Martin Korytár escribió:
> Hi:
> > I am using your ffmpeg2theora for converting VOB files to ogv. At
> > converting VTS_01_2.VOB (second file from DVD) theora can not find video
> > stream, only audio stream. Can you help me?
> You shouldn't use the VOBs directly. Is better to "play de DVD". You can
> use MENCODER to repack the DVD video and audio without recompressing it
> (and, of course, without quality loss). The trick is to use the "copy"
> codec:
> mencoder -oac copy -aid 1 -ovc copy -of mpeg -mpegopts format=dvd:tsaf
> replacing OUTPUT_FILE.MPG with the file name you want as output, and
> DVD_TRACK with a number, to specify the track to repack (remember that
> menus are tracks too).
> When you have it repacked, use FFMPEG2THEORA to convert it.
Where can I take the mencoder?
Martin Korytár

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