[theora] ogg, ogm or mkv

Orton AKINCI aka .-_-. ortonak at yahoo.com
Sun May 24 15:01:59 PDT 2009

i did so:i  run the "super" converted .ogm file through ogginfo and it gave the following... 

so does this mean "super" creates "pure ogg" files but name the extension as .ogm... and will it be "pure ogg theora orbis video" if i just rename the .ogm extension as .ogg? 

New logical stream (#1, serial: 00003506): type theora
New logical stream (#2, serial: 00003e55): type vorbis
Theora headers parsed for stream 1, information follows...
Version: 3.2.0
Vendor: based on Xiph.Org's libTheora
Width: 384
Height: 288
Total image: 384 by 288, crop offset (0, 0)
Framerate 38000/2161 (17,58 fps)
Pixel aspect ratio 1:1 (1,000000:1)
Frame aspect 4:3
Colourspace: Rec. ITU-R BT.470-6 Systems B and G (PAL)
Pixel format 4:2:0
Target bitrate: 1008 kbps
Nominal quality setting (0-63): 0
User comments section follows...
        ENCODER=SUPER(C) 2000-2008
Vorbis headers parsed for stream 2, information follows...
Version: 0
Vendor:                           based on Xiph.Org's libVorbis
Channels: 2
Rate: 22050

Nominal bitrate: 80,000000 kb/s
Upper bitrate not set
Lower bitrate not set
User comments section follows...
        ENCODER=SUPER(C) 2000-2008
Vorbis stream 2:
        Total data length: 22120 bytes
        Playback length: 0m:02.158s
        Average bitrate: 82,001681 kb/s
Logical stream 2 ended
Theora stream 1:
        Total data length: 201137 bytes
        Playback length: 0m:02.161s
        Average bitrate: 744,607126 kb/s
Logical stream 1 ended


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On 5/20/09, Orton AKINCI aka .-_-. <ortonak at yahoo.com> wrote:
> but i will ask you one thing: is it just the same as original ogg if i
> change the extension of a ogm to ogg... is there a way to identify if the
> container is originally an ogg or ogm for the END USER...

Run it through ogginfo.  If the output is either:




It's pure Ogg.


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