[theora] ogg, ogm or mkv

Maik Merten maikmerten at googlemail.com
Sun May 17 23:40:25 PDT 2009


* OGM usually refers to an outdated, non-maintained hacked version of
the Ogg container that supports non-free codecs like DivX or XviD. Its
main use was to have XviD video with Vorbis audio. OGM is not just Ogg
with a different file extension.

* Ogg is the Xiph.org in-house container. It's mostly/only(?) used for
free codecs (only for free codecs official support exists). Most content
in Vorbis/Theora uses this container. Ogg is the "standard" way of using
Vorbis/Theora and every player support Vorbis/Theora will handle this
container. Note that these days .ogv is the recommended extension for
Ogg-files that contain video - thus .ogv *is* supposed to be Ogg (unlike

* Matroska is a versatile and feature-rich container to use with
basically any codec (free or non-free). There's nothing wrong with it as
far as I know, but of course it somewhat blurs the line between free and
non-free technology (if this is a problem or not mostly depends on
personal opinions). I assume if you intend to use Vorbis/Theora "plain
simple Ogg" may be a "safer choice" to make sure most people can view
your content.


Ort Ak wrote:
> hi guys, i'd like to have your opinion on using ogm or mkv containers
> for theora videos. since you recommend ogg containers for theora and
> vorbis officially i've been insisting on using .ogg. but for example
> eightsoft put ogm instead of ogg for theora on the last build of "super"
> and i send an e-mail to them about this issue. and i didn't get the
> whole idea on the explaination of ogm subject at wikipedia...
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogg_Media i only know this
> http://www.xiph.org/container/ogm.html
> i am doing several art projects and i'd like to distribute the free
> video and audio content just with theora/vorbis codecs using ogg. one of
> the most important conceptual part of my projects are using/supporting
> true free standards. so i am very much interested about your opinion on
> ogm and mkv. i know this mailing list usually on technical issues and i
> am not a coder but i am very much interested in what xiph does and i
> follow your list. native firefox support is going to be great for theora
> and i am waiting it to be launched to share the art projects i have
> doing with groups of art students for 3 years. but we need more end user
> tools to (not for coders) to be able to use theora more effectively. i
> will write another e-mail about one particular issue i am confronted if
> anybody is interested. 
> .-_-.
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