[theora] Consulting replace FFmpeg with Theora

Samul Kevin lovesummerf at gmail.com
Wed May 6 18:43:47 PDT 2009

    I come here to consult that whether FFmpeg could be replaced with Theora
in our project. Here the thing. Our project, Bluesky(
http://incubator.apache.org/projects/bluesky.html) is podling in Apache
incubation. However, core function of our system, the encode/decode part
which implemented by FFmpeg(GPL licensed)(we mainly use libavcodec and
libavformat library), conflicts with Apache Software License. Thus we have
to remove FFmpeg and find a subsittute. People at Apache community
recommend  us Theora and Vorbis because they are BSD-like License.
Therefore, i hope someone could offer me a advice on:
     can we replace FFmpeg with Theora in premise that no function loses?
     how could we do the replace work in detail? I've referred documents of
Theora and one step closer to run an example. But i still have no clear clue
of the replacing work.
    Any advice would be appriciated. If i don't express myself clear, bring
the questions on.

Bowen Ma a.k.a Samul Kevin @ Bluesky Dev Team    XJTU
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