[theora] vob file with lots of subtitles.

Jesus Sanchez zexel08 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 10:58:28 PDT 2009

ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com escribió:
>> I'm trying to encode a VOB file (from a DVD) with ffmpeg2theora, but it
>> have a lot of subtitles (about 26) and I can't find the correct
>> --audiostream id to encode the file in my language. I have tried with
>> ids from 20 to 40 and so on and all times the audio kbps it's 0. mplayer
>> and VLC can play the .vob file without problem and also let me choose
>> the audiostream.
> If you're trying to get a particular stream, ffmpeg2theora will print
> a list of all the streams when starting encoding, along with their
> languages, if known.

i'm using right know the windows binaries but OpenBSD (4.5) port gave
same results, it prints a total of 20 audiostreams (from 0 to 19) but 
none of
them have audio and also the VOB have more than 20 subtitles.

> It's possible that ffmpeg2theora was compiled without support for
> the codec used, too.

I have encoded VOB files (from DVDs) before with this same binary so
I discarded that issue.

> About subtitles, ffmpeg2theora only supports text ones, but DVD
> subtitles are in image form.
> If you're on Linux, I'd suggest something like Thoggen,

I will give it a try, I didn't knew it , thanks!

the program "SUPER" (for windows) didn't helped at all, it have a menu
with 21 stream options.

>  which will
> let you choose a particular audio track from a menu, and will
> handle multiple VOB files.

I will keep trying but thanks for all the sugestions.

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