[theora] firefogg local encode web-app

Michael Dale mdale at wikimedia.org
Sat Jun 6 20:56:43 PDT 2009

the approach we are targeting is frame by frame driven JavaScript 
rendering out of video. This lets you do chop and joins by seeking in 
the video and playing the proportions you want while frame by frame 
putting the output into an ogg file that you can then upload or save 

This adds the benefit of integrating into the DOM model so you can 
overlay png's text etc at given times. This enables support for "cat, 
cut, join" via simple js scripting while scaling up to support 
full-scale css/svg effects & dom overlays on the video.


yorn at gmx.net wrote:
> The firefogg is a real advantage for non command line users! And I also really like them (as a command line user ;-), as this is what people demand for! 
>> hey that's great! thanks michael. i have downloaded firefogg a week ago
>> but couldn't use it before... now i understand... are you going to add more
>> tools on ogg video tools like cat, cut, join etc... 
> I would love to create a firefox plugin for that :-). Anyone out there want to join that mission? I am not an expert in java-script, XML, XUL etc. (as you can see from my webpage :-/)
> - Yorn
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