[theora] macro block artifacts of ogv file converted from mpeg(libthusnelda I 20090527)

Orton AKINCI aka .-_-. ortonak at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 5 14:07:49 PDT 2009


there is a problem when i convert some mpeg files to ogv with libthusnelda I 20090527... i don't know it this helps you but i am sending information about it...

when i convert an mpeg file ro ogv, there are macro block artifacts on the lower part of the video... but it doesn't happen all the time... description is below and you can download the video files form the link below if you like... (1MB rar file with 5 video files)

video files and info:

320x240 PAR1:1 progressive 16.716fps mjpg avi 
this is the original footage captured by the camera

320x240 par1:1 progressive 25fps mpeg2
this is the file i have converted to mpeg form original file with mainconcept mpeg pro.. the video is OK

320x240 PAR1:1 16,72fps ogv
this is the file i have converted to ogv from original file with firefogg (ffmpeg2theora 0.24).. the video is OK

320x240 par1:1 25fps ogv
this is the file i have converted to ogv from mpeg file with above with firefogg (ffmpeg2theora 0.24).. this is the problematic file... there are macro block artifacts on the lower part of the video... this happens sometimes when i convert from mpeg (with he same spesifications as above) to ogv. but some files are converted ok... i don't understand it... but when i convert the same  mpeg file with vlc which uses libtheora I 20081020 3 2 1 it is ok, there are no artifacts (but also the 16:15 par instead of 1:1).. here is info about it..

06_vlc_converted_file_from_mpeg_NOartifactsbut rescaled.ps
320x256 16:15 par 25fps .ps? file..
this is converted form the mpeg file above by using vlc 0.99 grichenko (windows) which uses ibtheora I 20081020 3 2 1.... the extension of the file is .ps but i don't understand what it is... vlc converted ogg files always have this extension on windows, which is another problem.  but it plays when i drag it into vlc or change the extension to .ogv... THIS FILE ALSO DOESN'T HAVE ANY MACROBLOCK ARTIFACTS...

because the same mpeg file is converted ok with vlc encoder which uses do you think that this problem is because of ffmpeg2theora or libthusnelda I 20090527 ?libtheora I 20081020 is ok...


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