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Orton AKINCI aka .-_-. ortonak at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 5 13:25:01 PDT 2009

hey that's great! thanks michael. i have downloaded firefogg a week ago but couldn't use it before... now i understand... are you going to add more tools on ogg video tools like cat, cut, join etc... 

i think firefogg is so important because it is cross platform and it will be updated with the latest improvements on ogg (i think and hope so)... i have written about this issue that when third parties make encoders and tools for ogg they don't update their software with the latest library... super and ffmpeg2hteora frontend were examples i have written about... and when people use these software they are not aware that they don' benefit from the latest improvements on ogg... theora is developing so fast (as i can see from this list) that regular people cannot follow... so i was mentioning that xiph should direct regular users to where they can find the software that uses the latest improvements on ogg... for now theora website mentions vlc also for encoding to ogg on faq page (http://theora.org/faq/) but the latest version i have (vlc 0.9.9 girshenko) uses libtheora I 20081020 3 2 1... faq page also doesn't mention about ogv extenison but just ogg... 

i know that it is not possible to make third parties update their software with the latest improvements on theora but this makes regular people confused about what is ogg theora (as in the example of ogm... even vlc lists it as ogm/ogg in the convetion options)

i think xiph should announce where people can always find and follow latest improvements on ogg theora for all the platforms. i think firefogg will be a good example for this... but support for other ogg video tools like cat,cut,split etc is also needed... 

thanks michael


Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2009 14:08:41 -0700
From: Michael Dale <mdale at wikimedia.org>
Subject: [theora] firefogg local encode web-app
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I mentioned it in the #theora channel a few days ago but here it is with 
a more permanent url:


These will be simple links you can send people so that they can encode 
source footage to a local ogg video file with the latest and greatest 
ogg encoders (presently thusnelda and vorbis). Updates to thusnelda and 
possible other free codecs will be pushed out via firefogg updates ;)

Pass along any feedback if things break or what not.

I am also doing testing with "embed" these encoder interface. For those 
familiar with jQuery: an example to rewrite all your file inputs with 
firefogg enhanced inputs:  $("input:[type='file']").firefogg()  ... Feel 
free to expeirment based on those examples. The form rewrite has mostly 
only been tested in the mediaWiki context: 
but with minor hacking should work elsewhere :)



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