[theora] Seamless web video within reach

Michael Dale mdale at wikimedia.org
Tue Jul 28 15:29:48 PDT 2009

I am presently just recommend Firefox over the install process of VLC.. 
Since if you have to download and go though an install process might as 
well be firefox (instead of a plugin)  But if the solution you describes 
works pretty well _in a pure in-browser sessions_  then I think it would 
be worth while integrating into the library. Or maybe give users a 
choice on mouse over?

I also had bad early experiences with VLC. Although it performs better 
than cortado in IE in terms of start up-time and overall responsiveness 
of the system. The IE activeX seems to crash slightly less than sun java 
(at least in my virtual machine instance of windows XP anyway)


Denver Gingerich wrote:
> I'm interested in feedback on my latest blog post, "Seamless web video
> within reach":
> http://ossguy.com/?p=424
> It primarily describes how to get Theora working in Safari and
> Internet Explorer and how to bring it all together with tools like
> Mv_Embed.
> In addition, I'd like to find people that are interested in developing
> and testing the solutions I outlined (especially Mac and Windows
> users).  I'm hoping that through these efforts, we can make Theora the
> dominant vehicle for online video sooner rather than later.
> Denver
> http://ossguy.com/
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