[theora] Seamless web video within reach

Gregory Maxwell gmaxwell at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 15:16:34 PDT 2009

On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 6:07 PM, Denver Gingerich<denver at ossguy.com> wrote:
> I'm interested in feedback on my latest blog post, "Seamless web video
> within reach":
> http://ossguy.com/?p=424
> It primarily describes how to get Theora working in Safari and
> Internet Explorer and how to bring it all together with tools like
> Mv_Embed.
> In addition, I'd like to find people that are interested in developing
> and testing the solutions I outlined (especially Mac and Windows
> users).  I'm hoping that through these efforts, we can make Theora the
> dominant vehicle for online video sooner rather than later.

"From what I've heard, loading the Cortado applet requires the user to
explicit allow the applet to run because it is not signed by a trusted
CA. "

No, if you use a completely unsigned cortado you get no permission
request. However the applet can the only play media from the same FQDN
as the applet itself was loaded from.

If the applet is signed it can remote load. But this results in a
scary warning.  Signing by an official CA makes the warning less

So you have  Local Media+unsigned > CA signed > self-signed

Java works pretty widely on IE. Okay, lets say 20% it doesn't work on.

As of so far my experience with VLC plugin has been pretty negative.
Older versions were a pretty much guaranteed client crash and I'm not
sure if its possible to differentiate safe vs unsafe versions easily.
There will also never be a user-interaction free way to load the
activeX as that would be a malware author's dream come true.
Fortunately, as was discovered with Flash, if you nag enough
eventually the user will click to install.

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