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> On Mon, 2009-07-13 at 23:51 +0200, David Kuehling wrote:
>> >>>>> "adam" == adam hyde <adam at flossmanuals.net> writes:


>> > about -what is theora?  -why do you want it?  -codec basics streaming
>> > -tss (theora streaming studio) -commandline ffmpeg2theora, dvgrab,
>> > oggfwd -icecast -gstreamer -vlc -jroar transcoding -firefogg
>> > -ffmpeg2theora -thoggen -ogg convert editing -oggchopz -pivitv

Does anybody have a link of pivitv homepage?

Google is giving all kinds of links but not the one which I need :(

>> Another topic of interest might be 'Theora hardware' (the Elphel 333
>> camera was a good example of theora in hardware, but looks like it's
>> discontinued :( )

Any idea why it was discontinued ?

Any idea if they would be doing it again now that the theora encoder
is supposed to be better



Would be awaiting the flossmanuals for sure :)

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