[theora] Add an intro to a theora file without re-encoding?

Michael Opdenacker michael at free-electrons.com
Tue Jul 21 01:20:12 PDT 2009

Hi Yorn,

On 07/21/2009 07:35 AM, yorn at gmx.net wrote:
> Michael,
> Sorry, I was wrong: I do not use theora.pc; I used theoraenc.pc and theoradec.pc and it looks as if they are not available on your system. 
> ---- theora homepage: ----
> New code should link to libtheoradec and, if using encoder features, libtheoraenc. Together these two export both the standard and the legacy API, so this is all that is needed by any code. The older libtheora library is provided just for compatibility with older build configurations.
> --------------------------
> So I believe the theora.pc is depricated!? I am wondering why the other two are not installed on your system. Maybe they get lost by the packaging process for theora-dev?
> When you install the sources from scratch, I believe everything is fine.

You're right. That's apparently a bug in Ubuntu and/or in Debian. When I
build libtheora from the sources, the theoradec.pc and theoraenc.pc
files are generated.

I will report this. Thank you very much for your help and for your patience!

By the way, here's a minor patch for oggSilence:

Without it, you get the impression that oggSilence won't get built.

Thanks again for everything,



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