[theora] AVI Theora?

James Wilson jfcwilson at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 10 10:06:26 PDT 2009

It's been a little while, but I've got some new info. I've tried doing this with Mencoder, ffmpeg, VLC player, and AVIdemux. None work. When I try to either convert a theora(ogm/ogv) file to AVI, while using variations of "-vcodec copy" to keep theora comression, or just compress an AVI with Theora, it does one of several things, depending on settings and the program used:
Creates a 0KB, 1KB, 5KB, 8KB, 10KB, or 297KB(the size of the input OGV file) file. None of these play. Any ideas?
P.S. Ran a little late mailing David, and he didn't respond, so I guess he was busy after that day)

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