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yes, "CC is important for culture as free software is important for software" but it is not the only one. and it has been critisized so much... you can read some here 
there are alternatives like libre commons and free art license etc... but cc is so populer that what people understand form free culture is just what cc says. i think the foundations of a free culture is in what stallman says. share alike approach of copyleft is curical. otherwise someone can create a new work based on my cc license work and prevent others to work on it... 

if you are interested, i have written a paper on the issue at artciencia online journal called "POLITICS OF COPYLEFT: HOW DO RECENT MOVEMENTS ALTERING COPYRIGHT IN SOFTWARE AND IN ART DIFFER FROM EACH OTHER". http://www.artciencia.com/Admin/Ficheiros/ORTONAKI342.pdf
i even criticize OSI in the paper above for its popular approach like cc. if someone would be interested to read i would love to have feedback. i am more into contemporary art than coding and it was not criticized by any hacker yet.

but yes, i shouldn't shop at the supermarket if i can "see" a "bazaar" nearby. 


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On 1/7/09, Orton Akinci <ortonak at yahoo.com> wrote:
> as a political approach i am not for cc because "share alike"
> is not compulsory for them, which is the main logic of copyleft.

Uh, CC has a Share-Alike license which, funny enough, is called
Share-Alike.  They also have a BSD-style one, and a non-commercial one
true, but if you're ignoring the whole movement because you don't like
people to have choice, then you are losing out.  Or do you not shop at
a supermarket because it sells some items you don't appreciate?

CC is important for culture as free software is important for software.


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