[theora] online service to host/share theora&vorbis encoded ogg file

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Wed Jan 7 14:16:03 PST 2009

Since there is no answer to this, I'll have a go:

> Completely tangentially, what do you consider the 'preferred format
> for modification' for these pieces if it's under copyleft? (As opposed
> to Creative Commons.) Theora is pretty lossy for a mastering format,
> and of course it's already been edited down...

The GPL (as implied by your use of the term 'copyleft') define the
'source' for a work as the 'preferred format for modification'. The
goal is to enable others to be able to modify the work in the most
'canonical' way possible - ie, from the source the original author
worked from.

Thus, it would seem that, in order to release a video under GPL,
the source material would have to be supplied, instead of a lossy
version made from this source material.

I offer no opinion on the matter, merely explain the wording.

See the GPL, definitions section.

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