[theora] [theora-dev] libtheora 1.1beta1 release

Petr Tomasek tomasek at etf.cuni.cz
Thu Aug 6 00:38:58 PDT 2009

On Wed, Aug 05, 2009 at 01:46:59PM -0700, Ralph Giles wrote:
> All,
> After months of intensive development, we're finally coming to a
> stopping point in our rewrite of the libtheora reference
> implementation. All major features for the 1.1 are in, so it's down to
> bug fixing now. Please try this first beta and give us feedback. Most
> notable is that the encoder's rate control is much more configurable,
> and more capable in each configuration than before. It now supports
> two-pass, dynamic target adjustment, frame dropping, and other
> oft-requested features.


Is the "Thusnelda"/theora1.1 supposed to be compatible with theora1.0?
I.e. can I play 1.1 streams with 1.0 decoder? (I suppose the opposite
will be true anyway).

(I had problem playing some of the streams from Monthy's "demo" pages with
1.0alpha7 decoder...)



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