[theora] Google is acquiring On2

Duvelle Jones duvelle.jones at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 15:05:16 PDT 2009

I think that there is a bigger question in all of this. I do wonder if
Google would directly engaging Xiph if they have any intention to Open
Sourcing even one of the codec's that On2 owns (outside of VP3).
If that is the possible case, some dialogue between the Foundation and
the company would be nice since I would believe Xiph would be welcoming
to that kind of donation(I assume).

For me, I am not sure... nor am I going to attempt to speculate that
within the things that I see in my "personal" crystal ball since they
have only announced interest in the company, and signed a deal to
acquire it. There is quite a few more steps before Google owns
everything in On2, and really, my understanding is that it should not
have much of any effect of Theroa currently.
After all of that is done.... Anything could happen. But one thing that
I do keep seeing from reports that do cover this is that Google is most
likely to off-load the tech somewhere (which does seem a little
reasonable from my perspective, it's not a part of the video business
that Google would seem to take an interest in). And Open-sourcing seems
to come up in the same sentence, so take that for what you will...

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