[theora] theora II interest.

Sergey Kurdakov sergey.forum at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 05:06:26 PDT 2009


first I'm happy that theora 1.1 is almost complete.

I'm not a specialist in internals of video coding , still currently I'm
involved in online video projects so I have a great interest in theora and
it's future.

Here http://wiki.xiph.org/TheoraTodo#Theora_II  it is mentioned that there
are ways to significantly improve theora. Are there plans for near future?

I tried to look at lapped transforms and found that really there are papers
which seems  are out of patent horizon

and could be used along with improvements in range coding.

But also found for example such approach - which seems can effectively use
current infrastructure ( not sure on patents though - but it is possible to
check ) .


so will there be any discussions on what currently could be used for theora
II or what is the current state on future plans ?

Best regards
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