[theora] Getting only frame deltas?

Gabriel Gambetta gabriel at mysterystudio.com
Thu Aug 13 07:04:17 PDT 2009

Hi, first post on this list. I run a small game development company
specializing in casual Windows/Mac games.

We've been using Theora for video playback inside our engine for a while,
but we always run into performance issues. I've tracked them down to two
parts : YUV to RGB decoding (done via software) and uploading the new pixel
data to the video card as a texture.

For the YUV to RGB issue, I'll rewrite it in assembler. Uplading the whole
1024x768 frame is proving problematic, though - this is the operation that
causes delays in one of the test machines, and it's pretty much unavoidable.

I was thinking - since videos are encoded as delta frames, is it possible to
get Theora to give me the rects modified since the last frame and upload
only that? I'm stuck with theora_decode_YUVout which decodes a full frame
(yep, old API, but th_decode_ycbcr_out in the new one seems to be similar)

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