[theora] libtheora 1.1beta2 release

Vladimir Támara Patiño vtamara at pasosdeJesus.org
Wed Aug 12 22:15:11 PDT 2009

Good evening in the Lord

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 10:14:03AM -0700, Ralph Giles wrote:
> I've put up a second beta for testing. libtheora-1.1beta2:

Thank you
>  - Builds on OpenBSD and Apple Xcode

Thank you, unfortunately it still doesn't compile on OpenBSD for amd64
(i.e 64 bits).

The same problem that I reported on 20.Jun:

After reading the same problem in other contexts, in my humble opinion
is a problem in gcc (and gas) processing 64 bits assembler.

The solution shown in 
is to use 64 bit registers instead of 32 bit (e.g rax instead of eax).

The solution proposed in 
is to use hexadecimal machine code

However I think those solutions cannot be implemented easily in the
current inline assembler of libtheora which uses %[ret] instead of 
fixed registers.

After some experiments, I think there are three instructions that should 
be changed in lib/x86/mmxencfrag.c :

lea -32(%[ret],%[ret]),%[ret]
lea (%[ret],%[ret2],2),%[ret]
lea -64(%[ret2],%[ret],2),%[ret]

Could you please confirm if they could be replaced? for example with
slower sequences like:

/* Not working "lea -32(%[ret],%[ret]),%[ret]\n\t" */
/* Like ret = ret + ret - 32 */
	"add %[ret],%[ret]\n\t"
	"sub 32,%[ret]\n\t"

/* Not working "lea (%[ret],%[ret2],2),%[ret]\n\t" */
/* Like ret = ret2*2 + ret */
    "mov %[ret2], %%eax\n\t"
    "add %%eax, %%eax\n\t"
    "add %%eax, %[ret]\n\t"

/* Not working "lea -64(%[ret2],%[ret],2),%[ret]\n\t" */
/* Like ret = ret*2 + ret2 - 64 */
    "mov %[ret], %%eax\n\t"
    "add %%eax, %%eax\n\t"
    "add %[ret2], %%eax\n\t"
    "sub 64, %%eax\n\t"
    "mov %%eax, %[ret]\n\t"

The last two use EAX. Could they be replaced without using a fixed 
 I tried to inform gcc the change of eax by adding at the end of the
inline assembler 
	: "cc", "%eax" 
as described in
however in that case it complains with 
mmxencfrag.c:457: error: can't find a register in class `AREG' while
reloading `asm'

Removing that allows the compilation, 3 of the 9 regression tests
fail, but I could see a video (fastest clapper for firefox).

Best regards. God bless us.
Dios, gracias por tu amor infinito.
  Vladimir Támara Patiño.  

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