[theora] libtheora 1.1beta2 release

Ralph Giles giles at xiph.org
Wed Aug 12 10:14:03 PDT 2009

I've put up a second beta for testing. libtheora-1.1beta2:

 - Improves rate control with difficult-to-encode input (the huskies issue)
 - Has all the example code ported to the 1.0 api
 - Builds on OpenBSD and Apple Xcode
 - TH_ENCCTL_SET_SPLEVEL is work again for trading of encode speed
   for quality. There's now a TH_ENCCTL_GET_SPLEVEL as well for reading
   the default/current setting.
 - The encoder/decoder source tree split has been removed; everything
   is in lib now.

Thanks to everyone who tested the last beta. I'll give it a few more
days for feedback, then hope to do the 1.1.0 release.

Source packages are available from:


MD5 checksums:

  e6d2624638c593705f1661217e3a85e6  libtheora-1.1beta2.tar.bz2
  a2f1f7cdf96274fe1ec8d5ec9b1a00e6  libtheora-1.1beta2.tar.gz
  0503c6be02665e8193cf3f7b5a71828b  libtheora-1.1beta2.tar.xz
  6c06f2610f5722c96f22e975f1bf78b0  libtheora-1.1beta2.zip


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