[theora] what you think ?

Mysoogal contact at mysoogal.com
Wed Aug 12 16:46:04 PDT 2009

just have a interesting idea, what do you think

lets say these two lines below represents a muxed single file of audio / 

              theora             xvid                   
x264                 theora
                |                |                       
|                               |
Video ----------20--------------20----------------------20---------

flac                    openAVS
|                                  |
----20----------------------------20--------------------20--- Audio

so now would it be possible to encode selected parts of the video with 
different audio / video codec ? lets say the first 20 mints i want to 
use theora, and the next 20 mints after that i want to use x264 simply 
beacuase maybe x264 handles motion better then theora, and last 20 mints 
i want to use, xvid. I'm thinking why not combing these open source 
codecs so each one takes care at what it does best some do better at 
faster motion changes and some do better with even faster motions. the 
same thing with the audio, vorbis and mp3 AAC etc handle parts of the audio.

the important thing to remember about this is somehow to combine all 
these encoded parts into a straight line that can be muxed and decoded 
through some splitter. I'm thinking about the mkv or ogm but not sure if 
they support this type of thing. i can only read that they support multi 
added audio but these are all a single straight line encoded outputs. 
meanly the audio has been encoded using only 1 format, in my cause it 
would be 3 that represents a single audio stream. the videolan media 
player supports every major audio video codec, my idea would be very 
much close to the play-list structure, take this as a example, you add 
many different videos, which have different codecs that are all added 
into the play-list, now user takes this play-list and puts it through 
the media player and media player goes through the play-list playing all 
the video codecs as a single video. I'm wondering if something like that 
is possible to have as a splitter.


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