[theora] Simple Question : mozilla PFS service .

michel memeteau michel.memeteau at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 09:40:28 PDT 2008

Hi I'm using a lot Itheora , the cortado /  x-ogg wrapper that works
like a charm.

I was thinking that Java is great , but BTW why do we need Java if no
x-ogg application handler are installed ?

When i visit a page with flash the first time , plugin installed is
only few clicks away, and I don't even care what software makes my
flash application works.

So I understood with


that , the defaulkt mozilla server keeps a liste off application <->
MimeTypes for plugin automagic install

I was wondering why didn't the propose one for application/x-ogg ?

Did anybody already ask them ?
Michel memeteau
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