[theora] Misc: handycam raw to ogg / DVD to ogg

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Sun Feb 10 22:45:00 PST 2008


I have two questions

1) How can I convert a raw miniDV file to ogg? I have made a
continuation to the conference I organised two years ago on
gravitational waves Astrophysics and Relativity and I have a lot of
miniDVs to be converted to ogg. I think I have seen the information
before but, after looking for some one hour, I have given up. And, by
the way, do you know how to dowload the file from the tape to the
computer avoiding kino? I find it too heavy. Something à la command
line would be perfect (i have something like 20 tapes)

2) How do I convert a DVD to ogg format in the most efficient way?
Right now I am doing

mencoder dvd://1 -oac copy -ovc copy -alang es -slang es -o ~/DVD.avi

ffmpeg2theora --optimize -S 0 -K 500 ~/DVD.avi

Is there a way to avoid the avi step? (the alang and slang is to
choose the Spanish version of the DVD)


Pau Amaro-Seoane

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