[theora] [theora-dev] Slideshow with Ken-Burns Effect

yorn at gmx.net yorn at gmx.net
Tue Dec 9 07:06:15 PST 2008

Hey Lino,

thanks for the information. I really do not dig deep into these features, but I think it would be a greate benefit if theora/ogg is used in firefox natively (and the video quality to cpu consuption is really good).

I will change the filename to ogv.

The video bitrate can be given by a command line option, but in my testversion this is set statically. The reason is that I wanted to test libtheora 1.0 quality and speed ;-). I did not focus on streaming bandwidth.   

A friend created the streamnik webside, I will send him your suggestions about the video tag - thanks for the hints.

- Yorn

> I only have a few (very pedantic, sorry) suggestions.
> IMHO it's better to use the ".ogv" extension for Ogg/Theora videos,
> just in case people download the file and have the ".ogg" extension
> associated with a music player program that can play Vorbis files but
> not the video;
> You are using a very high video quality setting that results in more
> that 230 kBytes/s; maybe for internet streaming a smaller value would
> be better while still giving sufficient quality?
> The attributes "autoplay" and "controls" of the video element are
> boolean attributes, which means that they are enabled when they are
> present; this implies that <video controls="false"> actually *enable*
> controls; the simplest way to use them is <video src="..." autoplay>
> (only the attribute name, without "=" and any value), but if you
> prefer an XML-like attribute value you should specify
> autoplay="autoplay" or simply autoplay="".
> Yes, HTML is ugly. ;-)
> To disable them, simply omit the attribute altogether.
> Anyway, keep up the good job!
> -- 
> Lino Mastrodomenico

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