[theora] [theora-dev] Slideshow with Ken-Burns Effect

Lino Mastrodomenico l.mastrodomenico at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 05:32:51 PST 2008

Hi Yorn,

2008/12/9  <yorn at gmx.net>:
> I've had some time and so I added a slideshow creator with the Ken-Burns-Effect to the Ogg Video Tools. Feel free to visit the following page:
> http://www.server.streamnik.de:88/test.html

It's awesome to see people that are already starting to use the new
HTML 5 video element!

I only have a few (very pedantic, sorry) suggestions.

IMHO it's better to use the ".ogv" extension for Ogg/Theora videos,
just in case people download the file and have the ".ogg" extension
associated with a music player program that can play Vorbis files but
not the video;

You are using a very high video quality setting that results in more
that 230 kBytes/s; maybe for internet streaming a smaller value would
be better while still giving sufficient quality?

The attributes "autoplay" and "controls" of the video element are
boolean attributes, which means that they are enabled when they are
present; this implies that <video controls="false"> actually *enable*
controls; the simplest way to use them is <video src="..." autoplay>
(only the attribute name, without "=" and any value), but if you
prefer an XML-like attribute value you should specify
autoplay="autoplay" or simply autoplay="".

Yes, HTML is ugly. ;-)

To disable them, simply omit the attribute altogether.

Anyway, keep up the good job!

Lino Mastrodomenico

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