[theora] Theora 1.0beta1 released

Maik Merten maikmerten at gmx.net
Sat Sep 22 10:50:57 PDT 2007


today I have the great pleasure of announcing Theora 1.0 beta1.


libtheora 1.0beta1 (2007 September 22)

 - Granulepos scheme modified to match other codecs. This bumps
   the bitstream revision to 3.2.1. Bitstreams marked 3.2.0 are
   handled correctly by this decoder. Older decoders will show
   a one frame sync error in the less noticable direction.

It also includes the changes done for alpha8, which was short lived and
is only interesting for historical reasons:

libtheora 1.0alpha8 (2007 September 18)

 - Switch to new spec compliant decoder from theora-exp branch.
   Written by Dr. Timothy Terriberry.
 - Add support to the encoder for using quantization settings
   provided by the application.
 - more assembly optimizations

We don't recommend deploying alpha8 as there were some issues with
library versioning.

Items left for a 1.0 release that isn't labeled beta are more complete
documentation and project files for more development environments.

Maik Merten

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