[theora] theora-exp encoder issue

ZikZak zikzak at tele2.fr
Wed Sep 12 13:38:46 PDT 2007


I'm switching from the mainstream theora trunk to the exp one and I 
encounter a problem with the encoder.
Every video I encode are played like a 'mosaic', I do not know how to 
say that. The picture is just a bunch of coloured pixels.

During the encoding process the video stream is defined like that:
File stream.yuv is 320x240 15.00 fps 420 video.

Why 420 ? Why not YUV like for the main theora trunk ?

Another problem:

I just updated theora and the last modification on encoder_example fails:

encoder_example.c: In function 'main':
encoder_example.c:806: error: expected expression before '<<' token
encoder_example.c:810: error: expected expression before '==' token
encoder_example.c:814: error: expected expression before '>>' token
make: *** [encoder_example-encoder_example.o] Error 1

Best regards

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