[theora] Building Libtheora Beta 2 in Ms Visual C++ 2005 problems

Patrick Byrne pbyrne at frontier.co.uk
Tue Oct 23 02:13:57 PDT 2007

Ralph Giles wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 11:32:39AM +0100, Patrick Byrne wrote:
>> I have seen the same problem.
> Can you confirm that a VS2005 build with TH_REALLY_NO_ASSEMBLY worked 
> for you? I can't reproduce the garbage yuv_buffer issue on linux, but
> if there's some problem with the MSVC build we need to fix it before
> the next beta.

Er, I am afraid not - I have had to regress to an older version of the 
code, which already works with our own codebase.

I have tried to compile trunk ogg/vorbis/theora this morning, however. 

[1] Additional include directories

..fails to include ogg headers: had to change




The page http://xiph.org/svn/ certainly seems to indicate that the 
directory should be 'ogg', so either it is wrong or the vcproj.

[2] Additional Library directories

same problem, 'libogg' -> 'ogg'

[3] Static build files out of date.

build_theora_static_debug.bat, build_theora_static.bat and 
theora_static.dsp appear to be appropriate only for Visual Studio 6.

[4] Static build dsp converts to vcproj but doesn't build

With error "1>c:\xiph\theora\lib\enc\x86_32_vs\dsp_mmx.c(20) : fatal 
error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'codec_internal.h': No such file 
or directory".

'size_t' is also not defined, and this causes a compile error in ogg.h, 
and a knockon error later in the same header file in the declaration for 

...why on earth do the comments at the top of dct_mmc.c start ";//" ? It 
seems unnecessary.

I hope this is of some help. If someone can advise on fixes (and I have 
permission), I would be happy to spend a little time testing and 
checking in proposed fixes for these problems.

Patrick Byrne

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