[theora] Building Libtheora Beta 2 in Ms Visual C++ 2005 problems

Patrick Byrne pbyrne at frontier.co.uk
Mon Oct 22 03:32:39 PDT 2007

Charles Mason wrote:
 > I am not too clear on what exactly the "Inline Assembly" is. From what
 > I can find through Google its some sort of hand written assembler
 > optimisations. Option 1 in the error message sounds like the simplest
 > option to me, but I can find no download for these .libs.

I have seen the same problem. Inline assembly is indeed assembly that is 
embedded into a source file. My understanding is that the inline 
assembly in the theora sources is in a format which is understood by the 
gcc compiler, but not the microsoft compiler.

You do not indicate any reason why you need to compile them yourself - 
why not just use the provided libs?

I would have thought that the problem of translating gcc-x86 assembler 
to ms-x86 assembler was a relatively simple one. Perhaps someone with a 
longer beard could advise?

-Patrick Byrne

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