[theora] FireFox builds with support for OGG Theora / SVG+Video

Sam Arthur Allen dev at atshop3d.com
Fri Nov 9 22:45:42 PST 2007

Although this is old news actually, for those who are interested there 
are precompiled builds of FireFox 3 with support for streaming OGG 
Theora in SVG SMIL. Good news for those who just want to see it work 
without having to patch and compile from GIT.


And for those who just want to see it work without downloading anything:


Currently, binaries have been released for Ubuntu GNU/Linux (and other 
Debian based variants), Intel Mac and Windows XP. I've tested it on a 
P4-1.7Ghz on FluxBox/Debian and it runs smoothly on this system.

It was a patchset not that long ago, but with precompiled builds 
available here, it will be good to see an official Mozilla development 
build released to the public in the near future.


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