[theora] video quality problem, encodeing with ffmpeg2theora -p pro

Peter Colton theora at bissybox.com
Thu May 24 18:09:30 PDT 2007

Hello all and thanks,

I have encoded several  .vob with " ffmpeg2theoar -p preveiw " with no 
problems at all. The quality is exellent. These .vob were ripped with 

The problem I am having is when I encode a .vob with " ffmpeg2theora -p pro ". 
The resulting .ogg will not play correctly with vlc or  kaffeine. The vedio 
is jerky and the sound go out of sycro just after the start of the video. 
The video veiwer takes up all the cpu resourses for the .ogg when encoded 
with " ffmpeg2theora -p pro ". 
If I play the .ogg file thats been encode with " ffmpeg2theoar -p preveiw " 
the cpu useage is only 20% ? All seems OK there.

I have looked on the debian bugs report for this package and I can see no 
mention any problem simular to what I am having with encoding with " 
ffmpeg2theoar -p pro ".

There was a site I found with test .ogg files for the veiwer. These where 
encoded as -p pro and -p preveiw. All the test files ran OK with the video 
veiwers and I have veiwed other viedos encoded as " -p pro " with no problems 
at all. 

Its just the encodeding I do with " ffmpeg2theora -p pro " that goes wrong. 

OS : Debian etch

ffmpeg2theora 0.16-2+b1
libtheora0 0.0.0.alpha7.dfsg-1.1

Cpu 2 x : Pentium III (Coppermine) cpu MHz : 665.218

MemTotal:  256928 kB

	So any idears what is be going wrong ?


		Peter Colton

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