[theora] converting YUV to RGB

Kostas Kostiadis kos at climaxgroup.com
Thu May 3 03:25:57 PDT 2007

Hello all,
I'd like to convert the theora yuv_buffer to RGB that I can render onto a
Googling around, there are a tone of different formulae to do so.
There is this (with lots of corrections and amendments further down the
http://www.fourcc.org/fccyvrgb.php <http://www.fourcc.org/fccyvrgb.php> 
and there is the MSDN stuff that says you need to convert 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 to
4:4:4 first, before you do anything,
and then it has it's own set of formulae here:
I was wondering if anyone has a definitive answer on this ;-)
Also, performance wise, is it better to do the conversion to RGB in a
shader, or is it better to use GL_LUMINANCE8 textures?
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