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Alen Ladavac alenl-ml at croteam.com
Thu Mar 8 12:07:51 PST 2007

Yet another Linux encoder won't help - GUI or not. A lot of video
production is done on Windows and in tools that people already know
how to use and have invested money into (Vegas, AfterEffects, etc...).
Theora needs a way to encode directly from them, just like all other
major formats (wmv, avi,...) can do. Or at least a way to frameserve


Thursday, March 8, 2007, 12:30:05 AM, you wrote:

> Theora needs a nice GUI encoder.

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> From: Steve Watkins <steve at dvmachine.com>
> Date: Mar 7, 2007 12:22 PM
> Subject: [videoblogging] Re: Fwd: Opera proposed Theora for native
> video playback in browsers

> That is interesting news. I always go on about mpeg4 and h264 as if
>  they are the ideal, wheras in an ideal world something like ogg theora
>  would be the most worthwhile format to support - being open and
>  unburdened by much intellectual property horror.

>  In practice I rarely respond when you mention this sort of stuff, only
>  because such things hav not gained widespread popular support from the
>  majority of users who are on windows or os x. Having dabbled with
>  Linux I presume that most Linux users are used to having to put in
>  some extra effort to think about these things, and choose open
>  formats. If only the same enthusiasm could be transferred over to
>  people on other paltforms.

>  There desnt seem to be much of a problem with playing back theora
>  files on OSX or Windows, as VLC and some other apps can play it, and
>  quicktime & directshow stuff are available to enable playback within
>  those systems. There does seem to be a lack of nice easy well-known
>  encoder applications with proper GUI. The masses arent going to use
>  command line tools, so where are the developers to bridge the gap? I
>  tried to use VLC on the mac to encode, using its ability to transcode,
>  but I only got the audio in the resulting ogg file, the video went
>  missing somewhere. I will try again sometime.

>  Anyway I support strongly the idea of video being built into a future
>  HTML spec, and being supported as standard in browsers. I There could
>  be problems if peoplew ont use the format till all browsers support
>  it, if microsoft or apple dont want to play ball, they will only be
>  forced to if sites use and expect such features and it helps drive
>  more people to firefox or opera. But will sites use such a format if
>  others like flash are well established already? Anyway I hope this
>  initiative leads to something.

>  I suppose the other issue I could have is how rich the control of the
>  video is within the page. Need to be able to do things like report
>  back to javascript what position in the timeline the video is at, if
>  clever stuff (that can currently be done in flash) such as video
>  conversations linked off timeline, are to be achieved using the
>  built-in video feature.

>  Returning to Theora as a whole, my other issue is with hardware
>  playback & recording support, and the chances of it being used on
>  mobile phones etc. Its still too early to tell quite how big an issue
>  these things are, has to catch on with the masses, but mpeg4 and
>  friends are looking fairly entrenched on these platforms so far.

>  Cheers

>  Steve Elbows

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 >> Awesome news!
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 >> Subject: [theora] Opera proposed Theora for native video playback in
 >> browsers
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 >> Hi ,
 >> I see this news in Opera website :
 >> http://my.opera.com/haavard/blog/2007/03/05/1
 >> I think this is a good news for Theora Team and also a greater news
>  if video
 >> tag becomes true.
 >> This extract of the website is incredible :
 >> 'One thing to keep in mind that adding native support for Theora in
>  Opera
 >> would only add about 300K to Opera's overall size! And I am sure
>  that could
 >> even be optimized to reduce it even further.'

Best regards,
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