[theora] TS from DVB-T to Theora + Vorbis

Jim Darby jim at jimbocorp.uklinux.net
Sat Jul 21 04:02:11 PDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-07-17 at 20:04 +0159, Jiří Navrátil wrote:
> Hello,
> Could you kindly point me to some instruction, how to encode demuxed
> files (.m2v and .mp2) to .ogg (Theora + Vorbis)? I was trying to use
> ffmpeg2theora, but I don't know, how to put two files to ffmpeg2theora
> (one audio an one video) and did not found, how to mux them into one
> file?

I do this a lot because I get the de-muxed output from ProjectX (which
is great for handling the occasional problems with DVB-T).

Given x.mp2 and x.m2v I do the following:

mkfifo f
mplex -f 8 -o f x.mp2 x.m2v&
ffmpeg2theora -o x.ogg f

The first line create the FIFO (named pipe) the second uses the mplex
program from mjpegtools (I think) to multiple the mp2 and m2v files into
an MPEG program stream (MPEG file).

Using the FIFO avoids using a lot of disk space.

Note the & on the end as it will need to run in the background.

Finally the ffmpeg2theora command reads the MPEG stream as it is created
and writes out the OGG file.

Hope this helps,

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