[theora] Theora in SVG+JavaScript?

S. A. Allen manager at atshop3d.com
Mon Jan 29 18:52:05 PST 2007

Ivo and Nils,

I can you your points there but the W3C have already been working on a
draft to include multimedia elements in SVG, so if anybody has a say on
where SVG is going - they do, and I'll always comply with whatever
standards they publush. Here's the link from W3C's site regarding embedded
video and audio in svg:


Just note that this has been a draft since some time around 2003, not
2004, and as far as W3C drafts go I wouldn't recommend it to anybody as
they can change at any time. Some drafts don't even go through at all
which is why there aren't any HTML 3.0 standards around - it was just too
complex so they replaced it with HTML 3.2. So a draft shouldn't be taken
as a "work in progress", it's just that: a draft that could be drastically
changed or even wiped out completely, and developers should not implement
features in to their browers for that reason.

OGG Vorbis has already been accepted as SVG's native audio format and I
hope that Theora will be too by the time this draft comes through.

Maybe I should of mentioned this before, but pardon me for the confusion.


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