[theora] theora streams from 23C3

Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves justivo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 11:33:24 PST 2007

On 1/2/07, Ralph Giles <giles at xiph.org> wrote:
> I remain unconvinced we need a
> stable of alternate extensions.

I have decided to write a proposal on this and post it in the
different xiph lists since the date for the monthly meeting has

I think this issue is quite important, though, because one needs to
think of the users, the average people that know little or nothing
about computers.  Confusing them is never a good thing, and while my
proposal will not be the best thing ever, the current state is no
better.  Also, think of MS Windows.

There's a lot of misconception of what is an Ogg format, and how to
identify them easily.  Allowing a secondary extension by format is a
step in the right direction.

> I think using disposition-type from the
> rss hinting proposal is a great idea though.

Indeed it is.  I'd say it's another step in the right direction.

This idea and the above do not exclude each other.


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