[theora] This is a sad day for interoperability in the Web

Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves justivo at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 09:25:14 PDT 2007

On 8/21/07, Maik Merten <maikmerten at gmx.net> wrote:
> So instead of mourning over Flash let's e.g. look at what others
> are doing with open standards and formats... SVG, HTML and Ogg

This is actually the chance the free software world needed to bury
Flash.  The MPEG 4 technology is quite complex, and it will have to be
implemented on every port of the Flash player out there, providing us
with some time to get as many browsers working with Theora, Vorbis,
and Speex before Adobe is done.

If we hurry up and get the ball running, the public will go to the
first to provide the easiest way to share videos, songs, and podcasts.
 The <video> and <audio> elements of HTML 5 are the easy way.  We just
need to urge browser developers to implement them ASAP.  Let's look
into Konqueror, Firefox, Opera, SeaMonkey, Epiphany, and others.

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