[theora] Nintendo wii Theora media player

joao fonseca mr.blue at netcabo.pt
Sun Sep 24 10:01:38 PDT 2006

Hey, considering that the upcoming nintendo wii is shipping without dvd
playback capability because of the licensing cost (you have to buy some
sort of aftermarket hardware dongle to enable it), as anyone at the xiph
 foundation considered contacting nintendo to discuss the creation of
some sort of media player using the royalty free ogg family of codecs,
to be bundled with the wii (also since It will have some 512 megs of
internal flash storage , and the wii is fully internet and wireless
capabled, it could be distributed afterwards ), considering that both
the xbox 360 and the ps3 are trying to double as media centers this
basic theora/vorbis encoded file playback capability could be
interesting enough for nintendo to consider assisting in a porting effort

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