[theora] Extension .v+ogg does work

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Mon Oct 23 05:28:38 PDT 2006

.v+ogg is just a stupid idea. It was only half seriously proposed as far 
as i can tell.

I'm in favour of any reasonable extension to differentiate video from 
audio, that doesn't include including non alpha-numeric characters into 
file extensions.

.v+ogg is not a workable solution. I'm for anything but that.

Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves wrote:
> Wait.  How did all of this happen?
> Facts:
> 1) On Wikipedia there was yet another talk about Theora having a
> different extension to make a distinction between Vorbis and Theora.
> 2) It became one of the Monthly Meeting issues to be discussed.
> 3) On the Monthly Meeting, Monty apparently talked for everyone and
> said .v+ogg would become the proposed extension for Theora if it
> worked on most situations.
> 4) Almost two weeks later, I decided to take some time and do some
> tests.  v+ogg works.  I report the fact to the Theora mailing list.
> 5) Situation explodes and everyone's PROPOSING NEW EXTENSIONS, which
> was not what should have happened.
> 6) ????
> 7) PROFIT.
> Please let's all agree that the damn extension is .v+ogg so I can
> report back to Wikipedia and live happily ever after.  Sigh.
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