[theora] Re: Extension .v+ogg does work

Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves justivo at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 07:02:08 PDT 2006

> As discussed on last Monthly Meeting, Monty settled on recommending
> the extension .v+ogg for Theora files IF it would work on Linux.

Oh, shit.  Scratch that last part; I was thinking about this Wikipedia
article I was editing at the same time as writting this message.  What
Monty said, was if it would work ON WINDOWS, Microsoft Windows, the
scourge, etc.

Actually, what he said was:
<xiphmont> Luna-Tick: well, the '+' will only be if it doesn't break things :-)

By things, I believe he meant 20th century operating systems.

Anyhow, did anyone tested the extension on other OS's?  Mac, HAIKU, whatever?

Sorry for the mistake,
Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves

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