[theora] What will be the future of Theora?

John Varouhakis johnvarouhakis at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 07:39:36 PST 2006

I'm forwarding since this came directly on me instead of the list:

"Joe Mays" <mays at win.net> :

What is needed is an easy way to generate theora streams. Theora would be
 the choice for streaming video due to the ability to stream it through
 icecast, if someone would build a simple utility to stream theora out of a
 windows box, either from an attached camera or from a video file. Don't
 tell me about the directshow filters, I have never gotten them to work, and
 I don't know anyone who has. 4 of us in the engineering department tried
 here once to get them to work, because we have lots of customers who would
 love to be able to stream video through icecast. Not one of us succeeded.

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