[theora] What will be the future of Theora?

John Varouhakis johnvarouhakis at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 06:56:21 PST 2006

I've been searching for an editor, too. LiVEs has the weirdest interface ever 
I think... (something with first-last frame) and it crashed on me a lot.

Diva seems to be on the right track but right now all it does correctly is
mixing, no cutting operations.

I don't think that ffmpeg2theora is left behind, though. It's already much
more than what it's name implies.

On libtheora itself, what I think it desperately needs, is the ability for 
user allocated/handled buffers. Seriously, is it nesseccary to for 
theora_encode_YUVin to malloc and free on every frame? I've played a little
bit with the source, removing it, and it worked fine.
It would improve real-time encoding quite a bit.

Also, is there a roadmap anywhere?

> Am 02.11.2006 um 14:29 schrieb Luis Gonzalez:
> > I have take a look at SVN and i don't see activity into Theora
> > since June when alpha7 was released , is Theora development stopped?.
> >
> > Also ffmpeg2theora the last version 0.16 is from February and the
> > last version of Theora was released in June , will be a
> > ffmpeg2theora new version soon?
> >
> > Other question , in SOC there was a project to make Theora hardware
> > decoder , which was the result?
> >
> > Another good request is that xiph develop a theora multiprocessor
> > encoder library.
> >
> > Last , i see there is a lack of programs to edit Theora , not to
> > convert to Theora or play Theora , i mean programs to cut Theora
> > files , join Theora files , add Theora files ...
> Heard about lives? http://lives.sourceforge.net/index.php?do=features
> Dont know how usable it is. But a quick test was successful
> bye
> Enno
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