[theora] Using VP3 codec in VC++

Rahul P rahul.prasad at exaband.net
Mon Jul 17 23:59:07 PDT 2006

Hello ,

I am trying to use ON2's VP3 codec in a VC++ DirectX application. I get amazing clarity in the recorded video but simultaneous preview is very jerky. I am not sure how to change the codec properties in VC++ but theses are the changes i applied to the videoinfo header


pvi1->AvgTimePerFrame = (LONGLONG)(10000000 / 30);

pmt1->majortype = MEDIATYPE_Video; 




pvi1->dwBitRate = 40;

hr = pSC->SetFormat(pmt1);

However i realised that changing the framerate from 30 to 15 didnt help any as the video still recorded @ 30fps. 

Any help regarding how to overcome the jerky preview will be greatly appreciated

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