[Theora] Guadec 2005 and DirectShow Filters

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Wed Jan 11 00:26:16 PST 2006


I haven't time to look really closely, at the moment... It was possibly 
because the files are cut out of a larger file, and are non-zero based 

Whatever it was, it is fixed in svn, and all those files (well the 5 or so i 
tried) work with a current svn build. (and work as http streams, if you have 
enough bandwidth)

There should be a new release any week now. If you really want a copy of the 
current svn build now, send me a mail off the list, and i'll send you one. I 
don't want to release it publically, since it's not using the proper 
installer and there is lots of new stuff which is not properly tested, and i 
don't want to have to support anyone who installs this version. But i will 
give you instructions about how to install, and what you'll need to do when 
the actual release version is ready, assuming you can handle any new bugs 
that might be introduced. (Nothing difficult just have to make sure the old 
versions are properly removed, and that you fully remove this version before 
installing a new release version, etc)

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